Tell all the truth but tell it slant (Emily Dickinson)

Even as a small child, I saw the world with a very different slant than people around me. I use the word "slant" specifically because I always saw something that was askew. I never trusted the outward or seeming appearance of things. I always felt that there was more going on; something deeper, hidden and more profound. It was like a kinetic sensation on my skin that warned me that something was about to happen, change, or shift into something more.

I was drawn to how things came into being and what followed the onset. It was never about the thing itself. There is what is seen on the surface and something deeper; there is always something deeper hidden beneath the surface. Good, bad, more beautiful or even ugly, but, it is always there. Everything has many layers and all of them fascinate me. Very few things that I am drawn to are simply about what is seen; it is always about this something else. It is always about what is revealed when we take a step into the 18" diameter of personal space. It's the thing we often don't want to see. The emotion we don't want to experience. The little prickly nudge that forces us to look deep into ourselves.

But where, within all of these different layers, I wanted to know, was the truth? And then I realized that this is the subtle difference I want to explore and write about: the Tell all the truth but tell it slant Emily Dickinson side of things that I want to peel apart and reveal in my writing. The sense that truth is not merely measured by actions but more in the reason behind the action, inaction, lies, excuses, obsessions and addictions of the subject. The face presented to the world may be one truth but bring me down to the bone, pith and soul of the matter to another truth. This is the pool my writing wants to submerge itself in; this is where it wants to live.

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