Post MFA Session Quandaries

After spending 14 days going to workshops, listening to readings, doing my first reading of a creative non-fiction piece, meeting writers like Natasha Tretheway and Tobias Wolf (just to name two of the amazing guest writers) not to mention the tirelessly available MFA instructors for Ashland University, I find myself slightly off kilter.

I am strangely drawn, at 11:45, to walk over for lunch and talk to people about our morning session.  I am a little lonely when 5:30 rolls around and my dog, Odessa, could care less about the breakthrough I've had or the frustration I am having reaching down deep enough to get the image just right.  I remember what the large screen box sitting in my living room is and find that the shows recorded on my DVR hold less interest than they did before I left.

I'm happy to be home but am already missing the people that graduated whose company and encouragement was so valuable to me over the past year.  I miss our suite-mates Barb and Gregg who have been so much company and such a source of laughter over the past two summers.  I even miss all the new students even though I didn't get to know many of them very well. I miss all the tension, angst, and revelation that comes from over-stimulation, over-tiredness, over-eating and the giddy silliness that follows.

I miss Kim and Kerry who have become my confidants and closer friends than I ever expected would happen when we met last year in our first workshop together. We are an unlikely trio, Kim finding her native voice which is soft, gentle and seems to be connected to mother earth herself.  Kerry, who is strong, enduring and whose poetry speaks to me like a Norman Rockwell painting. And me, trying to bridge the gap between worlds and not only write about the hard, unhappy, violent things in life.

I miss the instructors who were so gracious and so willing to listen, help and suggest places to go deeper, ways to see the image more clearly or just break out and write without restraints.  But I must confess, of all these things, I think I really, really miss the brownies.

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Cristina said...

Makes me miss my MFA days. Also, I know Kim. She is great:)