The Miracle of Mercury

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Joan Hanna’s poems may be “mercurial” in their beguiling shifts of tone, but they also reveal a surprising stability. I mean that, despite the dangerous territory that Hanna plumbs here—stories of familial conflict, as well as the ravages of recent American history—still, these are the poems of a survivor, and they offer their reader the reliable, sustaining pleasure of hard-won and well-made art. I’m certain that we will be reading poems such as “Tile and Stone,” “Rick,” and “Glass” for a long time to come. -Peter Campion author of Other People, Lions and El Dorado 

Joan Hanna dances with danger. Her words scorch the page as she explores memory through the elements—fire, water, air—and woos their magic as they woo those who dare tempt the fates. In one moment, mesmerizing beauty. In another, poison permeates from magnificence. In The Miracle of Mercury, Hanna touches the stove not to see if it is hot but to feel how it burns the flesh. These poems are dangerous in their beauty, haunting in their execution. Hanna embraces their miracles and their madness with an equal, attentive eye.-Lori A. May, author of Square Feet 

Mercury as an element is poisonous, free flowing, fascinating and beautiful; both freezing and burning with the same touch. As mercury changes shape with shifts in temperature, so the poems in The Miracle of Mercury elude, allude and tease language as easily as a child cracking open a thermometer attempting to touch her own mortality without pulling back. These poems are about the delicious power of dangerous objects and surviving amid a chasm that cannot be understood. –Millicent Borges Accardi Author of Woman on a Shaky Bridge and Injuring Eternity
I hope everyone who has taken this journey with me with Threads will also walk along the pages of Mercury. I am especially proud of this collection as it does explore the darker imagery that came to the surface while I was writing Threads. The process forced me to look deeper at myself than I really wanted to, but isn't that what poetry should be about?

I really want to thank Leah Maines and the rest of the staff at Finishing Line Press for taking this second journey with me. The production value of Threads was lovely and I can't wait to see The Miracle of Mercury as a finished product!

As you may know, the number of books sold during pre-sales determines the print run, so if you do want a copy of The Miracle of Mercury, please order it during the pre-sale period which is in full-swing now. I will be glad to sign and personalize any copies ordered through FLP.

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